Clare Bailey MLA

Clare Bailey slams “stirring tensions for political gain”

Tuesday 02 July 2019

Green Party NI leader Clare Bailey commented on reporting around last night’s Belfast City Council flags motion and comments made by Alliance Councillors, saying: 

“I would like to clarify that our Councillors supported the motion to have paramilitary flags and banners removed at Belfast City Council last night. 

“There has been a deliberate attempt by Alliance to cause confusion and misconstrue our position. 

“Green Party Councillors did not support a subsequent Alliance amendment to have all flags removed. The only support for this was from the SDLP and therefore the amendment fell.

“Clearly this has caused Alliance to throw their toys out of the pram and take to social media to mislead people on our policy position. All votes were recorded and people are free to see who voted for what.

“The motion was carried with full support from the Green Party NI, Alliance, SDLP & SF. Unionists opposed and People Before Profit abstained.

“Green Councillors are clear in their belief that a shared space does not mean a sterile space. 

“That’s why we didn’t support this unworkable and populist amendment calling for all flags to be taken down.

“Perhaps Alliance Councillors should consider their party’s time in the NI Executive where they failed to secure any agreement on this issue and spend less time on Twitter attempting to stir up tension for political gains.”


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