Ciaran McClean

Ciaran McClean

Green Party candidate for West Tyrone

Ciaran McClean is a mental health worker from Sixmilecross. He is married and has three children. Ciaran has a significant track record of success in representing constituents in a voluntary capacity in issues ranging from quarrying to road maintenance. As an environmentalist and social activist, Ciaran’s politics are grounded in the principles of the Green Party: Sustainability, Social Justice and Grassroots Democracy.

Ciaran McClean said:

“I am pleased to be able to offer the people of West Tyrone an alternative to the increasingly unacceptable waste represented by the parties of the outgoing Executive.

“With only two MLAs, the Green Party have held the Executive to account with more integrity and success than any other party of opposition.

“The Greens’ impact can be clearly seen in West Tyrone, where in the last three years the issue of the Dalradian goldmine has gone from a marginal issue to one which now unites hundreds of citizens in taking responsibility for the future of their community.

“The Green Party has been by far the most active party both on the ground and in the Assembly on this issue. With other parties now supporting our position, we can demonstrate credibility and an ability to punch well above our weight both locally and in representations at the ministerial level.”

“This election represents a low point in post-1998 Northern Ireland politics, where public trust in the Institutions has been abused by the DUP and opportunities wasted by Sinn Fein and the other parties. It is therefore of critical importance that voters have a credible alternative to the profligate waste of public resources represented by the outgoing Executive. I am more proud than ever before to represent this Green alternative to voters in West Tyrone.”