Child poverty

Child tax credit cap, “a two child policy for the poorest families”

Friday 22 September 2017

Clare Bailey MLA has highlighted the struggle of many families facing the two child tax credit cap – and compares the tax credit cut with the life of tax funded wealth to be enjoyed by the expected third royal child.

The South Belfast MLA’s comments come after a hugely impactful rally against the two child tax credit cap yesterday (Friday 22 September).
Clare Bailey has said that the impending birth of the couple’s third child highlights the unfairness of the child tax credit tax cap – effectively, a two child policy for the poorest families.
Clare Bailey MLA said:
“I wish the royal couple the very best in the months ahead. No doubt they’ll be busy preparing for the new arrival like any other family.
“Something the royal couple will worry little about in the months ahead is financial security. Luckily, for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, there is no planned reform on public funding for a third royal child.
“This sets them apart from thousands of UK parents expecting a third child and denied tax credits for that child.
“Child tax credit is worth up to £2,780 a child per year for an unemployed parent and low income families. Many parents will struggle with this benefit cut for a third child.
“In fact, as many parents have struggled to pay for school uniforms, the royal couple have sent their eldest child to a £6,000 a term preparatory school. Tax payers will pick up this bill.
“I don’t begrudge Prince George and his family a happy, healthy life and my argument is not founded on a constitutional basis.
“My point is that economic inequality has mushroomed and protections afforded to the most vulnerable in our society eroded in recent times.
“I want to see a progressive taxation system which reduces income inequality. Austerity and measures such as the child tax credit cap perpetuate inequality.
“There is no doubt that austerity is biting. Poverty affects one in four children in the UK today and work does not provide a route out of poverty for too many parents.
“Furthermore, child poverty imposes costs to wider society – around £29 billion per year according to the Child Poverty Action Group.
“The family life of the royal couple should not distract us from the fact that many children are raised in abject poverty across the UK.
“The Duke and Duchess support young people and their philanthropic efforts are well known. They make a positive impact on many areas of public life. Unfortunately, however, the impending arrival of their third child serves as a stark reminder of the unfairness of a two child policy for the poorest of families.”
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