Steven Agnew MLA

Charlotte Caldwell’s successful struggle shows the power of a mother’s love

Saturday 18 June 2018

Steven Agnew MLA has said that Charlotte Caldwell’s successful bid to have her son’s cannabis oil returned shows the power of a mother’s love over senseless bureaucracy.

The cannabis oil, used to treat 12 year old Billy Caldwell’s epilepsy, was administered at a London hospital under a 20 day licence granted by Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

Steven Agnew has been a long time supporter of Charlotte Caldwell’s fight to have Billy treated with cannabis oil and said:

“Charlotte’s battle to have Billy’s cannabis oil returned shows the power of a mother’s love. The decision to take his medication away was senseless and cruel and has caused Billy unnecessary pain and suffering.

“I wish Billy well and hope that his condition improves as the cannabis oil is administered.

“However, I am minded of the many other Billys out there – children and adults with conditions that could be improved by the use of cannabis oil.

“This medicine helps Billy so why shouldn’t everyone in a similar medical position be given access to it?”.

The Green Party in NI leader said:

“We need to have a serious and honest look at our drugs policies and legislation. The current system doesn’t recognise the medicinal benefits of cannabis so doesn’t prioritise patients.

“I want cannabis oil to be decriminalised so that patients can benefit from the clinically proven benefits that it offers.

“Doctors, not politicians should decide which medicines are best for patients”.


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