Call for long term renewable energy strategy

Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA has today (Wednesday, 29 July 2015) called for a long term strategy for renewable energy in Northern Ireland.

Steven Agnew said,

“It is essential that we have a long term strategy to decarbonise Northern Ireland’s energy supply.
“While there are targets to 2020, we need to look beyond that. Investing in renewables is the only way we can have clean energy generation, security of supply and stability in the face of rising energy prices.

“Northern Ireland’s weather actually works in our favour when it comes to developing renewable energy. There is plenty of wind and as an island, scope for off-shore wind and tidal energy development.

“Renewable energy needs to be incentivised until it becomes the norm, especially when you consider that worldwide, fossil fuels are being subsidised to the tune of $5.3tn.

“Even locally, £32m of public money has been spent on a gas pipeline”.

Steven Agnew MLA concluded

“Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity. It concerns me that investment in fossil fuels continues despite the harm that we know we are doing to our planet and despite the technology we have to produce renewable energy”.


Steven Agnew MLA was speaking in response to an Assembly Question, outlined below:

AQW 47557/11-15
Mr Steven Agnew
(GPNI – North Down) To ask the Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Investment what he plans he has to ensure that Northern Ireland continues to develop new renewable energy projects, and specifically wind technologies.

Renewable electricity, including onshore wind, will continue to be incentivised under the Northern IrelandRenewables Obligation until its closure to newgeneration from 1 April 2017. This will add to the level of renewable generation that we have already achieved to meet our Programme for Government target.

The Executive will consider longer-term options on the subsidisation of renewables in light of decisions by the Department of Energy and Climate Change about onshore wind.

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