Call for local action to mitigate climate change

This Sunday 29 November, sees the People’s Climate Rally taking place in Belfast city centre.

Multiple rallies are being staged across the world to mark the UN conference on climate change in Paris, and the Green Party will be marching to show solidarity with everyone fighting for climate justice.

Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA said,

“Climate change is something that affects us all, and Northern Ireland needs to play its part in mitigating the effects. While world leaders are due to come together in Paris this week to plan the next steps to tackle climate change. Decisions made there on issues such as renewable energy and carbon emissions will impact on us all for years to come.

“In the meantime short sighted Northern Ireland government decisions are ending subsidies for wind energy, the cheapest, cleanest form of energy production, putting at risk 10,000 jobs.

“Local politicians have the power to lead Northern Ireland into doing its fair share of decarbonising the world economy, providing jobs, warm homes, and real energy security in the process. We need a Northern Ireland climate bill to ensure all government departments are work cooperatively to achieve a low carbon economy fit for the 21st century.”

Steven Agnew MLA added,

“The Green Party is marching in solidarity with campaigners across the world. I understand that the People’s Climate Rally will not be taking place in Paris due to the ongoing state of emergency. However that the event is going ahead is testament to the importance of tackling climate change.”


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