Business as usual is not delivering

The Green Party has today, Friday, 02 September 2016, expressed sadness at the personal and social cost resulting to individuals, families and the broader society within East Antrim from the announcement that the Monkstown site of Caterpillar is to close with the loss of up to 250 jobs.

Dawn Patterson, the East Antrim Green Party representative said,

“Through no fault of their own, the global downturn in industry means that the Caterpillar workers and their families face an uncertain future.

“Clearly ‘business as usual’ in Northern Ireland is not delivering and it is time to give serious thought as to how to generate sustainable, long-term employment in the area.

“One option is to develop our use of sustainable, non-polluting and safe energy sources. This would both reduce energy price volatility for our current manufacturers, and create new jobs in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of these technologies.

“Northern Ireland already has a highly skilled workforce and it would be unthinkable to lose those skills.”

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