Budget: Steven Agnew says the DUP has sold its soul for nothing

Wednesday November 22 2017

Green Party leader Steven Agnew says the DUP has a duty to vote against the Budget announced by Chancellor Phillip Hammond today.

The North Down MLA said the Conservative government has reneged on the promises it made to the DUP in its post-election ‘confidence and supply’ deal earlier this year, and the DUP now needs to stand up for the people of Northern Ireland.

“The DUP has had to line up behind the Tory government on vote after vote ever since signing up to the confidence and supply deal in June, and now it turns out that it has all been for nothing,” Mr Agnew said.

“Indeed, far from the promised billion pound windfall, we are now looking at a real-term cut.

“The DUP sold its soul and at £1bn some might have thought that was a fair price.”


Linda Stewart



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