Cllr Rachel Woods

Britain First’s message of hate rejected by Cllr Woods

Monday 03 September 2018

Cllr Rachel Woods said that the people of Holywood aren’t interested in Britain First’s message of hate, after Paul Golding was pictured in the town in recent days.

Cllr Woods said: “Ards and North Down Borough Council is signed up to the No Hate Here initiative. Britain First peddle hate and try to divide sections of our society and pit people against each other.  I reject Britain First and all they represent.

“I also find it ironic that Paul Golding was pictured with the cenotaph in the background. The names of members of my family are etched into that memorial, I find it distasteful that Paul Golding is attempting to associate Britain First with the men and women who lost their lives in both world wars.

“The World Wars were a battle against fascism. We must continue to oppose fascism in any guise”.

The Holywood and Clandeboye Councillor concluded:

“A planned Britain First rally in Newtownards last month fell flat with more counter protestors than those attending the rally. I would expect a similarly cold reception for Britain First in the rest of the Borough should they try to mobilise elsewhere”.


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