Brian Smyth

Brian Smyth urges young people not to be sucked into street violence

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Green Party rep for Lisnasharragh, Brian Smyth has urged young people not to be sucked into street violence over the July holiday period, particularly in interface areas where communities often experience a spike in anti-social behaviour.

Brian Smyth said: “I have worked with young people in interface areas and know how easy it is for them to get drawn into anti-social behaviour and street violence at this time of year.

“The evenings are bright, people often stoke up community tensions for their own ends and young people can act impulsively.

“Throw into the mix a lack of investment in youth services and the situation can become dangerous.

“My message is for young people is for them to consider the impact of a criminal conviction on their lives and their future”.

The youth worker continued with a frank admission:

“I know what the impact of a criminal conviction is. I’ve been before the courts and ended up with a criminal record when I was 18 years old for an assault offence.

“It’s something I’ve always had to declare with my employers and I know that a criminal record can make things more difficult for a young person going forward.

“My message is simple – don’t be sucked into street violence and used a pawn by those with no interest in your future”.


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