Brian Smyth highlights the importance role foster carers play in our communities

Friday 12 October 2018

by Brian Smyth

Today on foster carer appreciation day, I want to highlight the incredible work that goes on quietly by unheralded heroes within our communities.

As a registered foster carer myself, I am well aware of the challenges that can be faced. It’s not easy, and can be a rollercoaster for foster carers, young people, and their collective families.

Young people arrive often from a point of crisis and with long term issues. Yet I’ve seen the positive and sometimes life saving impact impact that many foster carers have had, in helping supporting young people through traumatic periods in their lives.

I want to say a huge thank you to those foster carers across Northern Ireland, for your compassion and humanity in very difficult circumstances. If you think you want to explore a bit more about the possibilities of becoming a foster carer, why not contact your local Health Trusts fostering team or the Foster Care Associates on the link below: