Clare Bailey MLA

Brexiteer language on Prime Minister Theresa May is dark and dangerous

Monday 22 October 2018

Clare Bailey MLA has described the violent language directed against at Prime Minster Theresa May as dark and dangerous.

Clare Bailey MLA said:

“I’m no fan of Theresa May’s politics but the language used in respect of the Prime Minister is dark, dangerous and speaks to a deeper cultural acceptance of violence against women.”

Comments aimed at the Prime Minister over the weekend included back bench MPs referring to the knifing of Mrs May, one discussing the Prime Minster bringing her own noose into a meeting and a description of Mrs May entering the “killing zone”.

Clare Bailey MLA continued:

“Theresa May and I are poles apart when it comes to political outlook.

“However, I absolutely defend her right to do her job without being subject to these threats and vile violent fantasies.

“Internal party political wrangling is common at Westminster. Jeremy Corbyn has been under intense pressure from his own backbenchers but hasn’t been targeted in such a way.

“Indeed, globally, violence and the threat of sexual, physical and psychological violence are commonly used against female politicians. The threats serve to undermine democratic systems.

“More than 40% of female MPs interviewed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) said they had received threats of death, rape, beatings or abduction while serving their terms, including threats to kidnap or kill their children.

“The same organisation found that some 80% of MPs said they had been subjected to psychological violence – hostile behavior that causes fear or psychological harm.

“The murder of Jo Cox MP reminds us that female politicians at Westminster face a very real threat.”

The South Belfast MLA continued:

“Tory Brexiteers behind these threats crave power and are in a rush to topple Theresa May and push through the hardest Brexit possible.

“I certainly don’t subscribe to their vision of post Brexit Britain in any way shape or form.

“I most definitely don’t want to part of a political system where inflicting dark threats of violence upon a female politician passes for acceptable political discourse.”


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