Clare Bailey MLA

Need for independent legacy process restated after Bloody Sunday decisions

Thursday 14 March 2019

Clare Bailey MLA has commented on the Bloody Sunday prosecution decisions.

The Leader of the Green Party said: “The many people bereaved and affected by Bloody Sunday deserve access to justice after decades of denial.

“The judicial process must be allowed to run its course without political interference or pressure from any source. 

“There are thousands of people affected by the conflict right across these islands and indeed beyond. Many haven’t had any sense of justice or truth recovery and many have died with unanswered questions exacerbating deep trauma.

“The political process has failed these people across the decades. Politicians have not been up to the job of delivering a process for dealing with the legacy of our past.  

“That’s why I reiterate the call for a comprehensive and independent process for dealing with the legacy of our past.

“The approach to legacy thus far has damaged our political process, fragmented wider society, and most importantly, has caused further hurt and trauma to many people directly affected by the conflict.”


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