Astonishment at hypocrisy of First Minister Brexit letter

Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA has today, Thursday 11 August, responded to the letter from the First and deputy First Ministers which has been sent to the Prime Minister. The letter outlines ‘issues which are of particular significance to us’.

Steven Agnew MLA said,
“I am astonished that the First Minister is now outlining many of the reasons why the Green Party campaigned to remain in the EU.

“The First Minister accused those who favoured a remain vote of fearmongering when we outlined our concerns of what an exit from the EU would bring. At least we had some honesty in our campaigning.

“It is a shame that the leave campaign wasn’t honest about the ‘dangers’ of leaving for Northern Ireland

“An ‘initial assessment’ of significant issues would have been more helpful before the referendum so that voters could have made an informed choice.

“As it was, Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU and we are having to deal with the consequences of that.

“That the First Minister is trying to retain benefits that being a member of the EU brought, despite having been a vocal leave campaigner, is nothing short of hypocrisy.”

The letter can be read online here:

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