Ricky Bamford manifesto launch

Assembly election manifesto launch – fresh ideas will bring electoral success

Thursday 16 February 2017

Green Party leader Steven Agnew proclaimed that the “green surge is on” during the party’s manifesto launch and outlined the party’s vision for breaking the predicted post-election deadlock.

The North Down candidate was speaking to Green Party supporters in the Crescent Arts Centre alongside Clare Bailey, South Belfast candidate and Green Chair and Strangford candidate Ricky Bamford.

Steven Agnew outlined the key Green 2017 policy proposals stating:

“I’ve heard many politicians say that this election will bring about little in the way of change – that’s only because these politicians have no new ideas.

“We are the only party with an equal number of women and men and we’re standing a Green across each of the 18 constituencies.

“Our manifesto provides a raft of fresh and practical policies which challenge the politics of waste and advance progressive politics.

“For example, the Greens are the only party to propose a constitutional convention after this election, a key manifesto proposal.

“Such a convention has the potential to reinvigorate the Good Friday Agreement and bring decision making closer to the people.

“I believe that people are ahead of their politicians on many of the issues that have been sticking points in the past.

“Matters such as marriage equality, reproductive rights and transparency around political donations seem to get the traditional parties in a tailspin leaving people frustrated with the lack of progress.

The Green Party leader concluded:

“I am confident ahead of this election. This election can be a waste of time and money or it can be an opportunity to change the face of our politics.

“In 2016 we recevied our highest vote ever and it is predicted that support for the Green Party may increase by a further 45% across Northern Ireland.

“Every vote counts in increasing our ability to get our fresh ideas and policies implemented in the next Assembly.”

Read the 2017 Assembly election manifesto


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