Alternative Queer Ulster

Alternative Queer Ulster invokes the spirit of Stonewall

Tuesday 16 July 2019   

The Alternative Queer Ulster event returns to Parliament Buildings for its second year on Saturday 27 July, invoking the spirit of Stonewall, 50 years after the birth of the queer liberation movement.

Alternative Queer Ulster is about giving a voice to queer people, providing a platform for people to share their stories, opinions and lived experiences.

Event organiser Cllr Malachai O’Hara said: “I’m delighted to launch Alternative Queer Ulster and bring the colour, spectacle and lived experiences of queer people in Northern Ireland to Parliament Buildings.

“This is the only local event that provides a platform for queer people to talk about what it’s like to be a queer person in Northern Ireland. The event last year was criticised by MLAs Jim Wells and Jim Allister before it even kicked off, but proved to be an inspirational evening.

“I’d encourage everyone to get along, get involved and invoke the Stonewall spirit in Stormont on Saturday 27th July.”

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