Alternative Queer Ulster brought the spirit of Stonewall to Stormont

Monday 29 July 2019

Alternative Queer Ulster brought the spirit of Stonewall to Stormont last night (Saturday 27 July).

Queer people shared their lived experiences in the Great Hall on Saturday night during the Alternative Queer Ulster event, sponsored by Clare Bailey MLA and organised by Cllr Malachai O’Hara. 

Discussions included experiences as LGBT in the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist tradition, Queer people in the so called shared space, as well as conducting business in Northern Ireland as a trans person. 

Malachai O’Hara commented: 

“The spirit of Stonewall was invoked in Stormont last night. It was a spirit of resistance, not politely asking for rights but clearly setting out how life works for Queer people in Northern Ireland and demanding change to make things better. 

“Mainstream focus on LGBTQ issues surrounds marriage equality. It’s an important issue but we heard from trans people, same sex parents, a Queer ally and a Queer person from the Unionist tradition. 

“Alternative Queer Ulster reminded us that equality is about more than marriage and afforded Queer people a platform to make that clear. 

“The event was denigrated before it even began. I would have welcomed our critics with open arms if they had the courage to come along to our event and listened to our speakers. 

“That said, Alternative Queer Ulster was a fantastic celebration of Queer culture in Northern Ireland. I’m grateful to all the participants and attendees for coming along and showing their support.”


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