“Agreement needed before we drop off budget cliff” says Steven Agnew

Green Party leader, Steven Agnew MLA, has today – 20th April 2017 – reacted to the news that the ongoing Stormont talks have been extended until the end of June.

Steven Agnew said:

“It has always been the case that the real deadline was the end of June. This is when Northern Ireland drops off a budget cliff and funding for vital public services will run out, and thousands in the community and voluntary sector risk losing their jobs.

“At this point we will be faced with the option of having a functioning Northern Ireland Executive put through a budget in the Assembly, or the Westminster government will need to step in to clean up the mess of the traditional parties.

“The Green Party are firm believers in devolution. We should never cede power to a likely Tory government in Westminster. It is long past the point where the traditional parties need to stop party political squabbles and put the people first.”


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