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Abortion ruling continues the contravention of human rights protection

Thursday 29 June 2017

Clare Bailey MLA commented on today’s Belfast Court of Appeal ruling on Northern Ireland abortion law:

The South Belfast MLA said:

“Our abortion laws continue to contravene human rights protection.

“Despite this, today’s court ruling said that the protection of the rights of women in this instance falls outside its remit.

“Rather, the appeal court judges stated that devolved government should decide on abortion law reform.

“The collapse of the Assembly and Executive means that abortion law reform will not be dealt with at a regional level.

“The central point remains that compliance with international human rights standards is a matter for the state through Westminster, not for devolved government.

“Failure to reform Northern Ireland’s abortion laws gives rise to repeated and flagrant breaches of international human rights standards – Westminster must take action to address this.

The South Belfast MLA concluded:

“With or without our devolved institutions in place, I will continue to work towards the decriminalisation of abortion and end the cruel practice of denying women free, safe and legal reproductive healthcare.”


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