A sad day as we are dragged towards the unknown

Following the referendum on membership of the EU, Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA said

“The Green Party were in favour of staying in the EU and I am devastated at the result.

“Despite Northern Ireland voting Remain, we are being dragged towards the unknown by England.

“The consequences of leaving will be severe for Northern Ireland, never mind the rest of the UK.

“The Leave campaign promised that that money saved would be directed, for example, to the health service. The DUP, which has helped lead us into this mess, now needs to stand up and ensure that Northern Ireland receives its fair share of the alleged savings. Local businesses and the environment will suffer and the Green Party will work to ensure the DUP is held to account.

“Already there are reports that the Leave campaign has spun lies and mistruths over immigration and NHS spending. This is disgraceful. I now worry about border controls, human rights and how we will treat immigrants, who contribute to our economy in so many ways.”

“This is a sad day.”

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