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Tribeca naming debate obscures real issues with the development proposal

Monday 07 January 2018

Mal O’Hara, Green Party rep for North Belfast says that debate over the name of the Tribeca development distracts from serious discussion around a fundamentally flawed development proposal.

Mal O’Hara is concerned that a motion brought by the DUP and Alliance against the proposed name Tribeca obscures the real issues at hand.

Mal said: “I’m not bothered by the name of this proposal – rather I’m concerned that the development doesn’t include significant social housing, erodes public space like Writers Square, threatens our built heritage and displaces creative communities.

“Belfast City Council should be prioritising the needs of Belfast’s citizens, not pandering to profiteering developers.

“I want to see Belfast City Council adhere to their own regeneration plan for the city by stipulating the inclusion of social housing in the development plans.

“I also want to see a development proposal which ensures that we protect open spaces for our people. Public spaces like Writers Square belong to everyone and must not be sold off to the highest bidder. We should nurture creative and cultural venues, not displace them. We should protect our built heritage not demolish it.”

Mal O’Hara concluded:

“The name of this development is not important, the legacy it leaves for the citizens of our city will be crucial.”


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