Mal O'Hara

Asher’s cake Supreme Court ruling disappointing but fight for equality goes on

Wednesday 10 October 2018

The Green Party in Northern Ireland has expressed disappointment following the Supreme Court verdict on the Asher’s cake matter today (Wednesday 10 October).

Mal O’Hara said:

“It is important that the lawyers take some time to consider this judgement and its legal consequences. But, it’s vital that we pay tribute to Gareth Lee and the Equality Commission for their efforts and commitment to date.

“The immediate effect of the ruling is to create legal uncertainty with regards to what constitutes discriminatory practice within Northern Ireland.

“This matter has also damaged community relations with vested interests attempting to portray it as a battle between those of faith versus those of differing sexual orientation.

“The ruling should not be misused to vindicate discrimination and I am concerned that the findings may be manipulated to propagate homophobia and transphobia.”

“We must listen to Gareth Lee when he says that the entire matter and the Supreme Court ruling makes him feel like a second class citizen.”

Mal O’Hara also struck a more optimistic note.

“The vast majority of people across Northern Ireland support marriage equality and equal rights for queer citizens.

“The tide has turned with those opposing equality an ever shrinking section of society – albeit a powerful and influential section.

“This judgement is a disappointment but Queer people, their families and allies can be sure that the Green Party will continue to work for equality for all citizens.”


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