MLA pay and governance decisions right given the political impasse

Thursday 06 September 2018

Green Party leader Steven Agnew commented on the Secretary of State’s statement on MLA pay reduction and governance arrangements, saying:

“This is an overdue move from the Secretary of State but entirely right given the present political impasse.

“It’s an impasse that the two main parties appear content to stay stuck in and I don’t think a reduction in MLAs salary will push those parties closer to an agreement.

“However, I hope it will satisfy the nurses, teachers, drivers and all hard working people across Northern Ireland who have expressed understandable anger at a lack of political progress from full salaried MLAs”.

The Green Party leader continued:

“The Secretary of State’s proposals on decision making mechanisms in the absence of an Executive and Assembly will be of great interest. The Secretary of State has been forced to intervene so long as the impasse continues.

“People are feeling real pain in the absence of decision making. The survivors and victims of institutional abuse, for example, have been impacted in a horrendous way.

“I hope that the recommendations of the Hart Inquiry can be implemented following the Secretary of State’s intervention”.


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