Green Party renews marriage equality vows

Thursday 08 March 2017

Green Party deputy leader Clare Bailey has backed Love Equality’s renewed call for legislative action on marriage equality.

The backing comes on the same day as Love Equality called marriage equality a “litmus test” for any Northern Ireland government.

The South Belfast MLA said: “Delivering marriage Equality has been a prominent policy position of the Green Party.

“Indeed, Steven Agnew first raised the matter in the Assembly back in 2012.

“Unfortunately, the Petition of Concern has been misused to deny the rights of our LGBT citizens.

“There has been much speculation about the new Assembly’s approach the issue of marriage equality.

“However, without functioning institutions, the decision making will not lie in local hands.”

Clare Bailey concluded:

“The Green Party will continue to work with other parties and interest groups to advance marriage equality at every turn.”


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