£30k Make the Call “Goody Bags” money badly spent

Green Party Councillor Aine Groogan has said that Make the Call “Goody Bags and other merchandise totaling over £30k are a waste of money – money that would be better spent on advice staff.

Make the Call is a Department for Communities advice line, aimed at helping people to obtain the support and benefits people are entitled to.

A Freedom of Information Request submitted by Aine discovered that over £30,000 was spent in one year on Make the Call merchandising including pens and goody bags.

Aine argues that the significant sum of money could be put to better use:

“I am very concerned that so much money has been spent on merchandising for the Make the Call Wraparound Service. 

“This money would be better spent on the provision of the service. It could be used to employ a Benefit Advice Worker for a period of time.”

Aine continued:

“We know that so called welfare reform is hitting people hard. I’m working with many people seeking benefits advice and who are feeling the strain of the Universal Credit roll out.

“While I’m happy to help these people, I’d rather the Department for Communities invested the money on extra staff for the support service rather than pens and goody bags.”


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