One Minute Manifesto

The Green Party in Northern Ireland stands for a society in which we all flourish together. We stand for the common good. These are the key commitments in our manifesto.

1. First class public services for all – #1stClass4All
• Investment, not austerity cuts, for our schools, healthcare, and other public services
• A Tax Dodging Bill to close unfair loopholes
• A renewal of the principles set out at the founding of the welfare state – including fair taxation.

2. Grassroots democracy – #EqualityasofRight
• Equality whatever your gender, ethnicity, disability, age, economic status, or sexual orientation
• Meaningful democracy in which we can all participate, and in which laws are not made behind our backs in exchange for cash.

3. Grassroots economic revolution – #GreenGrassroots
• Investment in the many small-scale, local producers who form the widespread grassroots of the economy, rather than in rootless, profit-extracting, tax-dodging multinationals
• Clean power, secure, living wage jobs, and a healthy environment for thriving, sustainable local businesses, trade and agriculture.

4. The common good – #CommonGood
• This election will be a decisive chance to move away from the politics of division, of impoverished public services and punitive welfare cuts, and toward a society in which we all flourish together.

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20 April 2015

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